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Medicine :: Seeking Drug And Alcohol Treatment For Employees

Humans have a great deal potential, but we so frequently squander it through laziness and self-destructive behavior. A great tool to sooth the stre read more...

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Mechanical Ventilation - InfoBarrel

There are events in everyday life that can traumatize a person to a diploma which they become ill from your event. Most men and women at some time feel tense PTSD or fearful but s read more...

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The Post Traumatic Stress Cup Summary

The reason is actually quite straightforward, and simpler to demonstrate than normally clarify, why more rapid, more easily, and those with PTSD tend to get mad quicker than others at little dumb things.

I'd like to explain this, and you w

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Anxiety - Examiner.com

Stop The Intrusive Thoughts That Could Cause Anxiety And Panic Attacksby: Pauline Smith. In fact, short-term stress keeps us focused and alert. Panic att read more...

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Anyone Seriously Wish To Tell About Trauma But Can Not Until Asked

I have read so many articles about the unpleasant thoughts about having to reveal trauma details to your t, although I hope this is not totally crazy. I am working with almost the alternative.

I have several 'issues' that I'm conscious of